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Some fantastic work I've found that needs more love!




Really wanted to focus on lighting practice with this unicorn. Whenever I think of a standard, white unicorn, I always think of that strong backlight, in a forest setting, creating that sense of mystery. Almost a sight that human eyes rarely see.

It's an image that I've wanted to create for years, but something that I never had the skills for. This piece feels like a milestone for me in that respect, as it really helps showcase how far I've come.
Lava Dragon Progress Walkthrough
Step by step little thoughts on each stage I saved when working on my Lava Dragon. Feel free to ask any questions!

1 - The sketch for this came together quite quickly. I was really focused on making a composition which continually led your eye back into the image, making use of an almost circular composition helped by the tail. This step was also planning some rough values, and the initial idea of this creature being covered in lava.

2 - Trying to get a colour scheme here. I got rid of the lava at this stage - I really wasn't sure exactly where I wanted to go with this! I didn't like the wings, so put in some feathers on a whim. Toyed with having him shooting fire, but this clashed with the tail. Of course, I keep my sketch on a different layer and everything else is just very, very rough as i'm still messing around.

3 - Brought back the lava and swapped the wings back to standard. Wasn't happy with the sky, needed a complimentary colour to offset the warm, so went with a cool blue grey for a night sky.

4 - Started refining a little on the face. All layers flattened so I don't have to worry about which layer i'm on and can just concentrate on painting. Much funner this way! I always make a copy of the sketch and leave it hidden ontop. This way i can always keep track of my original lines to make sure i don't lose any vital information.

5 - Refining down the body. I discovered a new brush at this stage which was fantastic for me as it gave me a lot more sharper a texture. The brush I usually mainly use is textured, but can be quite soft at times.

6 - Last stage is just more refining! Always remember to add a highlight layer at the end to really make things pop. I just use a white on an overlay layer and lower the opacity so it's not too in your face. I added a wash of the background sky colour over the dragon's face on a low opacity to help give the idea of distance. Definitely need to work more on distance, as i'm always reluctant to really push it as i'm afraid of losing details. But obviously, that's the point as it's far away! I really need to learn to just not add those details in the first place!
Volcanic Dragon
A volcanic dragon! Which, you know, obviously must have volcanoes on its back. Like massive, lava pimples.

Really had the idea in my head of playing around with the perspective, having a massive claw right up in your face. Feel like I accomplished it!

It was a lot of fun playing with distance. It was also quite difficult to force myself to use a more desaturated pallet than what I'm used to.
Small Red Dragon Process
I still really like how this came out. Not as exciting a composition as I normally go with, but it was a refreshing change!

1. I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go with this one. Finally got a sketch I was happy with and blocked out a colour scheme under the lines.

2. Decided on a scene and the colours for the painting as a whole. Blocked out some rough shadows on the dragon, using a very dark green so it was connected with the green colours in the environment

3. Brightened the scene, took the edge off that vivid red and quickly added some rough highlights. Started detailing the face, changed the nose structure.

4. Completely changed the jaw structure as it wasn't working at all! Background detailed.

5. Not much difference here. Was removing some of the black lines, and mainly painting over the back. The left wing was connecting strangely and I needed to define this area more. Concentrated on small but much needed details such as using pale green on the back of the neck showing reflected light. The same at the base of the tail.

6. Completed detailing the wing membrane. Revamped the bright white highlight to give a more dappled effect. Added to this with a red splatter brush to add more interest to the texture. Sharpened!


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An aspiring digital artist, ready to take on the world.

Thank you

I've always loved favouriting people's deviations and it's fantastic to see all levels of artist on this site. Favourites are such a simple thing, but it brings joy to those who don't get many and above all, each one helps your visibility with getting noticed. In turn, this inspires people to keep going, continue to work hard and focus on growing their skills.


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