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Some fantastic work I've found that needs more love!



Dragon Step by Step

1. Okay, I was really happy with the initial sketch on this one, although I noticed later that the chest looked a little tiny so expanded it. With the tail, I remember seeing some other works recently where a heavy, thick tail would hit the floor which would cause a slight wrinkled effect obviously, where the skin folds on itself. It looked amazing and helped realism and I had to do it with this piece.

2. I ended up changing the horizon line to diagonal as I was worried the piece would be too boring. Looking back, I think this was unnecessary in this piece as there is no real action taking place! But it's a total habit now.

3. Brightened the background sunset yellows and found a really cool dotty brush which helped me with a scale base for the dragon. Clouds painted in. I just go mad with these!

4. Detailing the sea, added in the mountain, strong lighting onto the dragon.

5. Played with the sunset colours here - I added in a line gradient of a yellow and switched the layer to overlay. This really helped add a warm glow to the whole piece. Main detailing to the dragon.

6. Final stage is a lovely colour tweak, I really cranked up the vibrancy. Rock detailing, making the show clear. Final highlighting on the dragon, bringing in some extra golden tones. The birds were a fun effect to bring the viewer's eye into the piece.

Finished piece -

Painting Progress
I was venturing through the dark, shocking place that is my DA scraps. It was a dangerous journey of rediscovery, but I made it back safely back with this fantastic lion piece I did back in 2007.

Gosh, i was so proud of this when I did it. I'd only been painting digitally for a few years (I hadn't come from a traditional painting background either!) so I was trying to learn everything at once and it was so overwhelming. 

Comparing it with my recent Lion piece, I feel such a sense of pride. I've still got lots and lots to learn, but I try and challenge myself with everything new I paint. It's exciting to think what my work will be like in the future.

2018 Lion
Leo Lion by FleetingEmber

2007 Lion
Lion Portrait by FleetingEmber
Leo Lion
A complete re-paint of a concept from last year. I know I say this about nearly every piece when I first submit it, but I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS :D

I needed a majestic lion print and the one I had just wasn't cutting it. I'm donating a couple of items to a local charity auction, and as soon as I finished this piece, I knew this canvas would be perfect. Can't wait to take part!

As always, colours changed loads throughout the painting process. Started off a lot more red based, but drifted into rich purples to offset the yellow glow from the sun. Mainly painted everything with a singular textured brush, but used a fluffier one for the clouds.
Ancient Dragon
He may not be able to see you... but he knows you're there

I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted to go with this dragon concept, other than I knew I wanted large horns. The bunched up posture, blind eyes, broken teeth, drool, that all came in as I painted. Initially I was going to go with the wing closest outstretched to show the body underneath, but having them down was something different and really helped showcase a defensive position.

The colours were a sudden choice, and I really wasn't certain they would work but I'm so glad I stuck with them!

Part of a series of commissions.


Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

An aspiring digital artist, ready to take on the world.

Thank you

I've always loved favouriting people's deviations and it's fantastic to see all levels of artist on this site. Favourites are such a simple thing, but it brings joy to those who don't get many and above all, each one helps your visibility with getting noticed. In turn, this inspires people to keep going, continue to work hard and focus on growing their skills.


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